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Anneke Art

Dark Water - Large Lenticular Lightbox

Dark Water - Large Lenticular Lightbox

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Lenticular-imaging Large Lightboxes by Anneke Stewart

  • 950mm x 950mm x 220mm (LED backlighting).

Created for the Bold Horizon Awards 2011 - Finalist

This artwork was created around the time of the Japanese Tsunami, and namely, the Fukushima disaster which is ongoing and has the potential to pollute the entire The Pacific Ocean. Anneke named the work Dark Water in reference to a Japanese Horror Film made in 2002 written by Koji Suzuki, which was also produced in English in 2005.
Dark Water is one of my more deeply poignant artworks, specifically pointing at
a very important global issue.

The Elemental Files, which thus far include Water, with the creation of Dark Water in 2011, and this artwork Fire Fire in 2017, are a poignant reminder as to who is the boss on this planet, whilst forcing a terse reminder to acknowledge it’s omnipresence and fragility.

The digital technique applied to the photographic imagery explores the art of the Mandala, symbolic geometric healing art from the Buddhist spiritual beliefs. Lenticular imaging provides the platform, a 2D medium that captures movement and motion, illuminating a 3D image.

Available for rent through Art Boss Art.

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