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Melissa Sharplin & Anneke Stewart

  • Art Boss Art

    Welcome to Art Boss Art, the epitome of art curation and production excellence in New Zealand, founded by the distinguished fine artists Melissa Sharplin and Anneke Stewart. With over four decades of combined experience, Melissa and Anneke have crafted an exceptional realm where art consultation, curation, and management converge with elegance and expertise.

    At Art Boss Art, we specialise in crafting bespoke art pieces, perfectly aligned with any design brief or environment, catering to the sophisticated tastes of the luxury market and designer spaces as well subdued and paired back spaces. Our extensive art library, augmented by a selection of talented guest artists, offers a comprehensive variety of creative expressions. This rich diversity allows us to meet our discerning clients' curatorial needs with precision and flair, ensuring each piece resonates with its intended space and ambiance.

  • We appreciate the fluidity of design and the need for adaptable art solutions. Our bespoke art rental service offers clients the opportunity to enhance their spaces with premium artistry, tailored to their specific aesthetic without the permanence of purchase. This ensures that their environments evolve in harmony with their unique visions and stylistic preferences, allowing for a personalised and ever-refreshing visual experience.

  • Our commitment extends beyond art curation to fostering a thriving community of local artists and artisans. In championing local talent and sustainable production methods, we stand against the tide of global consumerism, nurturing a deep connection to the art-making process and the environments that inspire it. This philosophy not only enhances the integrity of our collection but also aligns with the values of our clientele who seek authenticity and sustainability.

  • Art Boss Art, under the visionary leadership of 'Boss ladies' Melissa and Anneke, stands as a testament to artist-centric values, where each creation transcends mere artistry to become a manifestation of exquisite craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and enduring elegance.

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What our clients have to say:

Marina Terrace Apartments

"Working with Art Boss Art meant my apartment was curated with beautiful works for each room that showcased the luxury accommodation we offer at Marina Terraces, artworks were created specially for the space and furniture I had already purchased, along with pleasant bubbly communication, and attention to detail, I'm happy to refer their services to friends and colleagues."

Pete Bullen


"Lady Art Boss’s, thanks for pimping the offices. We love our gorgeous new art. Roll on the rest of the brand unveil in 2023! You gals are the best - highly recommend these creative geniuses!"

Sally Wyn-Williams. Partner / People Consultant

Forsyth Barr Christchurch

"The Artwork looks fantastic! There has been a lot of positive comments and feedback on the pieces. Thank you for your time and effort."

Kari Crichton - Adviser Assistant

Mid Century Sale

"Art Boss Art's original works perfectly complemented the mid-century furniture in our latest listing, elevating the elegance and sophistication of the entire space. Highly impressed!"

Callum Brownlee