Frequently Asked Questions below. For all other enquiries please contact us directly: info@artboss.art 
  • Art Boss Art creates themed proposals for our clients with 2 to 3 options of works per space which are then presented to our clients for them to choose from. If the works presented don't work for the client we converse and come up with more solutions.
  • Consultations are free, some travel costs may be incurred by the client if the project does not go ahead - where appropriate.
  • Art Boss Art submits price lists on the last page of our proposal PDFs outlining the costs per work and what is required for us to go further. 
  • Most clients purchase at least one of the printed works to be included in the instalment which helps pay for the production of the works needed for a job. Purchasing one work outright acts like a deposit and comes off the total value of rented works. 
  • Expect a 4 week turn around from the time the works are signed off from the proposal to installation. 
    • Art Boss Art understands that this is a lengthy time, however, at this stage of our business we are creating the majority of the work from scratch therefore the timeline is inevitable. We will have faster capabilities to service our clients as our capital grows allowing us to reinvest in the production and acquisition of more works for our art library.
  • Insurance of the artwork becomes the responsibility of the hirer once in their possession/on their premises. 
    • Therefore we will need to know who is insuring the works, ie either by the proprietor or contents insurer of the premises the works are installed within.
  • Access to the site of installation in the event of unforeseen circumstances and or payments not being met; (death, major events etc) requires Art Boss Art to have the details of whom to contact in such a case. 
  • All such issues and more are covered in our Client Rental Agreement.
  • We believe our rental prices are attractive especially in reflection of the value and quality of work we can offer our clients. This is something we are really proud of:
  • Rental Fee Per Month:
    • Per Month %5
    • 6 Monthly 3.3%
    • 12 Monthly 3%
    • 24 Monthly 2%
    • After 6 Months the client has the option to rent to own.
Information for Interior Designers, Architects and other such professionals:
  • Art Boss Art agrees to forward the first 1-3  months rental fee onto the designer when designers or such professionals secure rental placements for Art Boss Art, depending on the length of rental activity secured.
  • Art Boss Art will make works available for designers or as such professionals to use in photoshoots, and placements, whereby the appropriate handles for promotion via social or print or other platforms are utilised and aligned. Handling and hanging fees  off of the works may apply.