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Pleiadian Prophecy Painting - #1 Round

Pleiadian Prophecy Painting - #1 Round

The Pleiadian Prophecy Original Painting #1

Anneke Stewart's collection explores the celestial realm of the Pleiades/Matariki Star cluster, also known as the "Seven Sisters," through a series of paintings for her Masters of Creative Practice. Using acrylics and gold leaf on board and canvas, her vibrant works in tangerine, turquoise, and magenta unintentionally mirrored the Australian outback and the ancient stories. This collection coincided with a significant Pleiadian prophecy gathering of 12 indigenous elders at Uluru, Australia in late 2020, their mission shrouded in thousands of years of intrigue and controversy. Stewart's paintings blend the cosmic and terrestrial, creating a mesmerising visual narrative.

Round: 780mm in diameter 

Genuine Gold Leaf Detail.

* Available to rent on a monthly basis. Part of the Art Boss Art rental collection.

* This work can be reproduced to any size to fit your project, A large canvas print  If the originals are not available we are happy to order a reproduction for your project at our cost for your use, please contact our Artboss' for more info on lead time / 021818014 or / 0212208820. 

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