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Anneke Art

Pink Magnolia Velvet 7 - On Canvas

Pink Magnolia Velvet 7 - On Canvas

Pink Magnolia Velvet 7 - On stretched canvas 1m x 1m

In parallel with her Master's studies, Anneke Stewart created a series that acknowledges the divine presence in spring blooms. Her work explores fertility, new life, and feminine power, investigating the stories of the Seven Sisters through an ecofeminist lens. The series represents the 7 chakras, with 3 chakras featured in this first release.

Anneke's photography captures the essence of Mandalas, symbols of cosmic energy and serenity, with intricate geometric designs that highlight our interconnectedness with the infinite. Her art merges symmetrical imagery with natural beauty, creating profound expressions of divinity and the spiritual essence of Gaia.

  • Printed on stretched Canvas 
  • Anneke Art Mandala designs.
  • Designed and printed in New Zealand.
  • Hand-signed by the artist.

* Available to rent on a monthly basis. Part of the Art Boss Art rental collection.

* This work can be reproduced to any size to fit your project, If the originals are not available we are happy to order a reproduction for your project at our cost for your use, please contact our Artboss' for more info on lead time / 021818014 or / 0212208820. 

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