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Layered Dawn

Layered Dawn

Immerse yourself in the enchanting layers of 'Layered Dawn,' an expressionist realism landscape painting with bold smokey blush tones.

Each brushstroke reminiscent of watercolor, this art piece captures the essence of a tranquil twilight scene.

The textural brushstrokes invite viewers to journey through the layered shifting landscape. 

Oil on Canvas original oil.   

Classed as a large scale artwork measurements are 900 x 1520mm.

* Available to rent on a monthly basis. Part of the Art Boss Art rental collection.

* This work can be reproduced to any size to fit your project, If the originals are not available we are happy to order a reproduction for your project at our cost for your use, please contact our Artboss' for more info on lead time / 021818014 or / 0212208820. 

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