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Kererū Crash Helmet

Kererū Crash Helmet

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The Kererū, also known as the wood pigeon, is known for its love of berries, particularly those that have fermented. As a result, these delightful birds are occasionally spotted in a tipsy state, leading to comical mishaps like crashing into things or taking unexpected tumbles from trees.
Our art print captures this endearing aspect of Kererū behaviour with a humorous touch
—a Kererū sporting a crash helmet, ready to take on the world with humour and resilience.

Frame size A3 525 x 425 mm

* These works can be reproduced to any size to fit your project, If the originals are not available we are happy to order a reproduction for your project at our cost for your use, please contact our Artbosses for more info on lead time / 021818014 or / 0212208820. 

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