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Taylors Floral 1 - Round - On Sale!

Taylors Floral 1 - Round - On Sale!

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Taylors Floral 1 - one off print

A Photographic Mandala of New Zealand Native Flora. Original image was taken looking out towards Godley Head, Taylors Mistake.

Anneke's collection of NZ Floral Mandala Prints speaks of the beauty and serenity of New Zealand Flora.

Her investigation of symmetry via this subject matter has led her to create a collection of work that poses a peaceful calm, a grounding yet nurturing presence.

Mandalas are present in many ancient religions; spiritual geometric configurations that aim to represent our relationship to the infinite. They draw the viewer in, creating an opportunity for contemplation. Anneke has adapted the kaleidoscopic nature of the mandala seeking to provoke a translation of the essence of the given subject matter.

Anneke believes art has the power to influence the energy of the viewer so with that in mind she aims to create artwork that has a positive presence. 




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