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Ruatahi Diamond 3 - Round

Ruatahi Diamond 3 - Round

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Ruatahi Diamond 3

Ruatahi Diamond Mandala Collection  - Large Round Prints

The original image was taken deep in dense bush in the Marlborough Sounds, the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

The artist is currently working on her Master's of Creative Practice. Anneke's Master's project seeks to generate artworks that aim to emanate a vibration that aligns the artist, and possibly the viewer or observer to All That Is, Source Energy or whatever adjective best suits your perception of the God Force.

Being powerfully and consciously at ease in the present moment, filled with a deep conscious connection between heaven and earth is a state of consciousness sought in deep mediation, and the Mandala has been known to offer a doorway to align to this centred and aligned consciousness. "As Above So Below" is the name of her project. The works henceforth in her current art practice investigate imagery that may invoke this deep feeling of connection. 

This collection of works will also be accompanied by NFT artworks in due course, harnessing the animated potential of these collective compositions.

"We are all one under the stars."


All rounds are custom-made to order.

Expect a 2-3 weeks production time before shipping.


  • The mandala rounds are printed on board and hung flush against the wall.
  • The standard sizes are 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm in diameter and are limited editions of 10, 5 and 3 respectively.
  • Custom sizes are available on request.
  • The works are also available as Square prints – stockist inquiries are welcome.
  • Please email Anneke if you have any inquiries.
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